Heart Hand

Heart Hand

Writing a blog is a new venture for me and I am really excited about the potential for spreading news about the work I do and how it might help you or someone you know!

From time to time, I will post notices of classes or workshops that I am holding. Also included in this blog will be explanations or musings about the various modalities I use. And, being the reflective type, there will also be entries in which I am exploring the meaning of the work, of the world, of life—whatever! 

I think of this as a journey. I’m not sure where I am going or exactly how to get there, but I move forward with curiosity and as much wisdom as I can muster at the moment. There will be detours and dead ends, I’m sure, for life is like that. But to stay in one place is not an option, either.

So, off I go, and I hope you will travel with me until our paths diverge! 

Sally Ahner
Nashville, Tennessee
June 12, 2018