Heart Hand

Heart Hand

So, who is this person who is inviting you on a journey of learning and healing?

I am first and foremost a teacher. I have taught many things, but my current passion is teaching the Alexander Technique, which I do at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University and in my private studio. I will give more information about the Technique in another post, but it is a most transformative work in so many ways. I love to watch people change the way they think of themselves, especially their bodies, and see the joy and excitement at the results of those changes!

My academic training was at Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and at the Eastman School of Music. I’ve taught college courses in music theory, ear training and sight singing, and many courses in the voice department: German and French diction, Song Literature, Vocal Pedagogy, and studio voice.

In 1998, I changed course abruptly through a life-changing experience and began training as an Alexander Technique teacher. I also began to train to do energy work in the Barbara Brennan tradition. It takes 3 years to learn enough to become certified to teach the Alexander Technique (1999–2002), and 3 years to pass the course in Auric Healing at The Estuary in Nashville (2000–2003). As you can see, my present teaching and healing paths converged early on!

The healing part deserves more space and will also be discussed in a separate post, but I wish to say at this point that healing happens in relationship to Self, others, and the Divine (by whatever name you call that creative, loving Force). Healing is a journey toward physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness. It is not the same as curing, and everyone can be a healing force in the world. In fact, the healing that happens in my sessions I believe comes simultaneously from within and without each of us. It comes from feeling safe enough to explore our own depths, accept what we find there with compassion, and let change happen.

Sally Ahner
Nashville, Tennessee
June 12, 2018