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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique can apply to any type of activity, I have given a variety of workshops: for office workers; for musicians of all types (choral, instrumental, vocal, classical, popular); for dancers (ballroom and modern); for medical students; and for runners and other athletes. I have also offered workshops for groups interested in self-image and self-esteem (women with eating disorders and women who have suffered physical and sexual abuse).

This Technique figures largely in all the work that I do, so it appears in the more specialized workshops listed below as well as on its own.

To introduce the work to large groups, I use a format that typically consists of a 2-hour interactive lecture and demonstration attended by the whole group. If further instruction is desired, I can go more deeply into the work in small group sessions or in individual lessons. Thus a day-long workshop can provide various opportunities for learning the work on different levels. As the workshop time is extended, further reinforcement is provided through repeated hands-on and verbal instruction and practice while engaged in the activity of choice.

See more about the Alexander Technique.
" I drove out to LA (from Atlanta), and let me say, Alexander + 40 hours in a car = much easier and more relaxing trip! My biggest realization was how much force / muscle (fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, abs!) I used to control the steering wheel when, especially in the middle of nowhere, I could very easily rest my arms on my lap and gently control the wheel with just a few fingers :)  Yay Alexander! "
— Drew S. (college student)
" I have learned so much from you, but then that was NO surprise. You have always been a consummate teacher and we really reaped the benefits of that [in the workshop]. Please know that my students were bright-eyed and were taking notes and we will all pool our thoughts from Thursday and write them up for future knowledge and study."
— Dr. Thomas King (Professor of Voice, Austin Peay State University)

The Performer and the Body

This is a workshop which focuses on the needs of performing artists, including issues of performance anxiety. While the Alexander Technique figures large in this class, all I know about life and the performing arts comes into play. I have worked with actors, dancers, singers, and players of all types of orchestral and popular instruments.

Group instruction gives you an audience on which to practice your skills even as you learn together.

This workshop can be presented as a master class (working with a few performers before a larger group) or as a group lesson (2–6 students).
" This day was just marvelous for all concerned. You gave the students a day they will not soon forget. There was such a marked change in every one you worked with and your presentation was just excellent in every respect."
— Dr. Sharon Mabry (Professor of Voice, Austin Peay State University)

" Not only did I learn how to give direction while playing the flute resulting in less pain, giving direction helped me in so many other ways. This includes sitting, standing, writing, reading, doing the computer, and everything else. I feel calm, relaxed, comfortable, happy and pain free! It’s weird to think that what I thought was right and telling my body to do was wrong and just making the matter worse. When I would breathe while playing the flute, it would be loud breaths. When I tried to breathe more softly I would tighten. This didn’t allow me to get a full breath and still sounded loud. But when I gave direction I relaxed and was able to breathe so freely. Thanks again!!!! "
— Abi C. (musician/college student)

The Singing Body: Awakening the Music Within

This is a workshop for a choral group and conductor. Instruction in bodymapping and principles of the Alexander Technique is combined with my decades-long experience teaching and performing music written for the voice. In addition to working with the choral group and the conductor separately, emphasis is placed on how the two can work as one.
" From our perspective, [the workshop] was most helpful to our students in the following ways: 1) It helped them understand how the whole body effects singing; 2) It helped them understand the negative results of tension; 3) It gave them one more affirmation that they function as a whole made up of individual contributions; and 4) It focused their observation of my conducting on how my posture and gesture communicates much more than meets the eye. "
— Dr. Russ Shelley (Elma Stine Heckler Professor of Music/Chair,
Music Department, Juniata College/conductor of the Juniata Concert Choir)

AT for Equestrians

In this workshop, I focus on the rider, not the horse, on the premise that “as the rider goes, so goes the horse”— if the rider is stiff, the horse will move stiffly, and communication between horse and rider gets more difficult, less clear. This workshop typically includes group lessons (on the horse and off) and some individual lesson time on the horse.

Design Your Own Workshop

Are you in a group who is engaged in a particular activity — sports, arts, fitness, martial arts or whatever — who would like to experience greater ease and freedom in this activity, and perhaps move it to the next level of mastery?
Contact me and let’s see what we can come up with!
" I used the Alexander Technique a lot during the break and it helped with some golf as well as running. "
— Mike S. (college student)

" I have really enjoyed this class . . . It is amazing how I have been able to apply the concepts to all aspects of my life (anything from walking, sitting to studying, etc.) . . . I really appreciate the time that you spend to recognize our own personal needs/improvement areas. I think it is wonderful that [this class] is taught here. "
— Laura S. (college student)

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